Foster Care Application Form




    Small dogs (under 20lbs)Medium sized dogs (20-40lbs)Large dogs (over 40lbs)

    Puppies under 8 weeks (litter must be kept together)Puppies 8-12 weeks (must go in pairs or more)Puppies over 12 weeks (can be separated out)Adult dogsSenior dogs

    Nursing mom with puppiesSick dogs (kennel cough, parvo, needs to be separated from other pets, may require medication and vet visits)Injured dogs (may require vet visits, special care, and medications)Dogs with basic behavioral needs (housebreaking, lease walking)Dogs with moderate behavioral needs (jumping)Dogs with advanced behavioral needs (reactive towards other dogs, high energy)









    1. Supplies - To make your foster experience the best possible ADPR provides all the supplies required for fostering. We do ask that you provide advance notice for supply requests.

      1. Adults

        1. Kennel (wire or airline);

        2. Food (Natures Domain from Costco/Three Bears);

        3. Collar and leash;

      2. Puppies

        1. Puppy pen/crate;

        2. Food (age appropriate Natures Domain from Costco/Three bears);

    2.  Paperwork

      1. You may be given paperwork when you pick up your dog or puppy for fostering. If you receive a packet of paperwork please be sure to bring it to all appointments.

      2. On the bottom of the adoption form, in the packet you received, is a section for “fosters” please print your name in this section. If there is already a name in that area please print your name just below.

    3. Medical/Shots 

      1. Adult dogs (4 months or older) - ADPR provides the following for dogs in our care and are completed prior to adoption

        1. Spayed/Neutered;

        2. Rabies;

        3. Booster shot;

        4. Microchip;

      2. Puppies - ADPR provides the following for puppies in our care and are completed prior to adoption

        1. Spayed/Neutered - at 8 weeks of age;

        2. Microchipped - at 8 weeks of age;

        3. Shots - series of 3 shots starting at 6 weeks, given 3 weeks apart (6, 9 & 12 weeks of age)

        4. Wormed - At intake, or at 4 weeks of age; (whichever comes later)

      3. If you believe your foster dog/puppy(s) have not received the items listed above, or it is time for the next shot in the series for your puppy(s) please notify ADPR as soon as possible.

    4. Appointments - Fosters are asked to bring their foster dogs to all medical appointments and adoption clinics. ADPR Strives to give our fosters as much advance notice as possible, but often we are not given more than 24hrs notice.

      1. Vet Care - ADPR uses specific vets for our dogs. Please contact us if you believe your foster dog needs to see the vet and we will let you know where to go. Vet appointments must be pre-approved.

      2. Spay/Neuters - ADPR uses specific vets for our Spay/Neuters in Anchorage or Wasilla. Appointments are scheduled based on availability. Once an appointment has been scheduled you will be notified of the date and given instructions. Drop off times are usually between 7:30A and 8:00A, pick up is usually between 3:30P and 6:30P.

        1. Please no food after 9pm night before surgery. This can harm your foster dog/puppy in surgery;

        2. Please bring any paperwork you were given with you to the appointment;

          1. Fosters will be given paperwork after the Spay/Neuter appointment please bring all paperwork to the adoption clinics

      3. Adoption Clinic

        1. Adoption are scheduled as needed. Fosters will be notified of the place and time as soon as one is scheduled. Please bring your foster dog, any supplies that were provided and all paperwork to clinic.

        2. Once clinic times have been set you will be notified when to have your dog/puppy at the clinic.

    5. Adoptions

      1. Foster Adopt - As a foster you have the first opportunity to decide to adopt your foster dog upon an approved application. Often times fosters really fall in love with their foster dog, we refer to that as a “foster fail”; not to worry we have a lot of “failures” in dog rescue and that is considered a good thing. To keep things moving and to ensure that all of our dogs find their perfect homes we have provided a few guidelines for you;

        1. Adults

          1. Fosters have 7 days to decide if they would like to adopt their foster dog. Adoption questionnaires are required to be submit prior the end of the 7 days for review.

          2. Adoptions will be processed at the adoption clinic.

          3. Full payment is due at time of adoption (Cash Only Please).

        2. Puppies

          1. Puppies are not available for adoption until at least 8 weeks and have been Spayed/Neutered.

            1. Fosters that want to adopt their foster puppy must submit their adoption questionnaire prior to the adoption clinic. Foster to adopts must be notify AKDPR at least 4 day’s prior to the adoption clinic.

            2. Adoptions will be processed at the adoption clinic they are scheduled to attend.

            3. Full payment is due at time of adoption (Cash Only Please).

      2. General Public Adoptions

        1. On occasion you may be asked to do an adoption outside of clinics.

          1. Adult - Some dogs do not show well at adoption clinic because location. Often adult dogs are adopted outside of clinic times. You may be asked to do a meet and greet in a public area with your foster

          2. Puppies - In general puppies are not adopted outside of clinic.

        2. If you are not comfortable with assisting to process adoptions outside of clinics please notify the foster coordinator.

      3. Note - Only fosters are approved to adopt outside of an adoption clinic.  Please do not promise anyone they can adopt a puppy, contact AKDPR. Fosters that wish to adopt their foster must follow through with their foster commitment.

    6. Important information for our fosters

      1. Puppies are not fully vaccinated as shots are given in a series as recommended by our vet.

        1. We ask you NOT to put them on the ground in ANY public places (dog parks, pet stores, sidewalk etc.).

        2. Until they have completed their entire series of shots they are not protected against thing like - Parvo, Distemper, Cornovirus.

      2. Please complete a personality profile for your dog/puppy; This can be requested to be emailed to you or can be found on the ADPR fosters and volunteers facebook group.

        1. Any additional information you would like to provide about your dog would be greatly appreciated and will help potential adopters in deciding if your foster will be the right fit for their family.

      3. Please message a couple pictures and 1 or 2 lines of information about your dog/puppy to ADPR via Facebook messenger (quickest way) to the ADPR Fosters and Volunteers Group.

        1. Please note that ADPR dogs are NOT posted as available for adoption until after their spay/neuter appointment


    • I agree to hold Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue (ADPR) and its agents, harmless in the event of damage or injury as a result of participating in the adoption program.

    • I agree to assume responsibility for the humane care and treatment of the foster animal, while it is in my care. All veterinary visits must be pre-authorized or they
      will be my responsibility.

    • I agree to solely foster dogs & puppies for ADPR.

    • I agree to return any of ADPR property when I am no longer able to foster. (Remaining food, ecollar, kennels, playpens)

    • I have been informed of Title 24 as it pertains to ADPR. (See website)

    • I have been informed of ADPR’s policies and procedures and agree to comply. (See website)

    • I agree to not give up or sell the foster to another person, relative, friend, or any other individual, or any rescue group, humane association, shelter, or adoption

    • I agree to bring the foster to all vet, shot, or adoption events schedules. If I am unable to make an event I will reach out to an ADPR volunteer coordinator.

    • I understand that only preapproved purchases will be reimbursable by ADPR.

    • I understand the commitment I am making by agreeing to foster and that there is no definitive time period. I understand it may take weeks or possibly longer for pets
      to be adopted. If I am no longer able to care for my foster(s), I must notify ADPR to assist in finding a new foster. ADPR will do everything possible to place the dog
      quickly, however, I understand that it may take time to find a new foster home.